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it's friday july -- charley crowson, it's friday july 22nd. megan is off and it's going to be a hot one. good morning and welcome back to meteorologist justin berk. >> good morning. challenging the air conditioning like everybody else yesterday. we hit 100 degrees, 95 in easton. but there was a lot more moisture content there. so it felt as hot. 100 in winchester. the heat dome is here. extensive heat warning at 10 this morning. but some of you may feel like we are there. the sun comes up in half an hour and temperatures starting off in the 80s in many spots. another 100 degee -- degree plus day. heat index 115 or higher. a good chance of it going higher in some spots depending on the location. 85 ocean city this morning which is close to the high temperature yesterday. they have not moved much. it felt better in the afternoon and the morning hours. 81 easton and 28 in baltimore and look at high dew points. 74 to 81. that is dangerous and calculates heat index values close to or above 90 already. please be careful.
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this is going to be a little bit more impressive than yesterday. we will talk the numbers in moment now tonya has traffic. >> reporter: a friendly reminder. don't leave chin or pets in the car -- children or pets in the car. let's look at the beltway, no incidents to report yet. very light traffic out passing liberty road. steady volume building in both directions. 70 eastbound is fine from columbia pike and 95 south of the city between laurel or even between both beltways no problems to report there. columbia pike is fine, west side of the beltway doing well also. charley. >> thanks a lot. president obama is making a stop in maryland today. he is headed to the university of merrill ford -- maryland for a town hall meeting over the economy. sherrie johnson is here with a preview of what the president plans to say. >> reporter: well, town hall style meet something scheduled for 11 this morning. the hour long meet will go focus on the economy and the debt crisis. washington remains in a
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deadlock over raising the country's borrowing limit. a full house is expected at the event with over a thousand people. university hand out required tickets on campus. this town hall meeting will be president obama's 4th visit to the campus and his second as president. he rallied students at the height of the fight over the health care overhaul in 2009. he will serve as his moderator accepting questions from the audience members to raise their hands -- who raise their hands. it provides an ideal visit to focus on the budget where middle and work class people send their children. anton yeah hutchins will attend the town hall meeting as well. sitting in to see what's going on. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> thanks a lot. state of maryland is moving. bath salts sound like the stuff you put in the tub but the man- made drug acts like meth or coke and could be deadlych the department of health and mental hygiene add the drug to the
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controlled dangerous -- added the drug to the controlleddangerous substances list. news from around the nation this morning. transit police in san francisco have just released video of a deadly shooting that happened july 3rd on the train platform. officers from the bay area rapid transit or bart shot and killed a 45-year-old charles hill. they say he threw a knife in their direction. bart's police chief said hill was armed with a broken bottle and at least two knives which he was using as weapons. >> it's frustrating because you work hard for your money, and two ladies come like that and take it just like that. >> okay. a long skirt not typical accessory for a crime but a liquor store owner says two women used skirts to swipe expensive bottles of wine. watch closely. there you see it. two women, one appears to snatch a bottle of liquor off
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the shelf and tux it under the skirt. another wombs comes -- woman comes in and follows suit. they he took overall, yeah, took -- they took overall about $400 worth of booze. when a car dealer gives you a lemon, do you make lemonade? no you smash it up apparently back at his lot. that's what a man decided to do when he claims he was sold a dud. david cross brought the van back but was denied a refund for the van. he took matters into his hands and dove across the lot smashing up 6 other cars e caused about 20,000 dollars worth of damage and went to police and told them what he did. -- drove across the lot smashing up 6 other cars e caused about 20,000 dollars worth of damage and went to police and told them what he did. the kent and allen weiner dog races. the weiner national for those of us who own them. they ran as fast as they could, but one guy decided he didn't have it in him and rant otherway and went to his ownerch the main event is this saturday.
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sharks are scary when you see them in the water. but they are probably worse when they jump from the water into your boat. this happened for fishermen and they had to save the shark not once, but twice. we will show you more of the amazing photographs when we tell you what the guys did this morning. you can pretty much walk anywhere you want in new york, but other cities are as friendly for those of you on foot. find out where baltimore ranks when it comes to walkability. that's straight ahead when "good morning maryland" returns. we are first and only at 4:30. a live look at some of our roadways.
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now "good morning maryland." news time 5:38. when you are hot you want to go to the beach and take dip in the water but people in new york city are being warned to stay away. raw sewage is seeping into the hudson river. officials issued a health advisory for four beaches that may have been impacted by the pollution. the beaches are not closed but the city health department says anyone with medical conditions should stay away. officials in new jersey on that side of the river recommend
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people suspend all water activity. well if you don't have ac, find a place that does. a movie theater in minneapolis decided to make sure everyone knew they were a good place to cool off so look at this sign. it reads we have ac. who cares what's playing? that's food for thought. the heat index is more like 100 plus degrees in parts of minnesota. but temperatures should cool down. they are expected to by the weekend. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. all this talk of heat and i wanted to take it back to something different. what about warm? that applies this morning. and we could be challenge another record of sorts. the record high minimum temperature or low temperature on the high end i know it's tough to really conceptualize but in 1885, the low temperature for this date in baltimore was the warmest it
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was. 819 lowest that day. so far in baltimore, 82 does it. it is possible we have a record this morning? we have a hour before we warm things up. we will let you know and another record on the high end expected during the afternoon. 81 in reisterstown and columbia. and 86 in glen burnie. feels like 94 there. by the way, 87 degrees this morning feels like 95 on the south end of the inner harbor. we are pushing 102. that's the two degree guarantee and that would break a record and that may come along with a heat index between 115 and 120. tonya. >> reporter: well, hopefully the heat is keeping the drivers mellow. no incidents to report city wide. so that's great news. we are going to check south of the city on the southwest side. 95 just north of 195 no problems to report here. a little heavier traffic southbound to the right of the screen. no incidents reported on 195 either. between the beltways we are doing fine. no incidents 95 southbound out of white marsh.
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no incidents there. we are doing fine on the jfx southbound and 795 out of reisterstown. charley. 5:40. check this out. researchers in south africa couldn't believe it when the great white shark literally leapt from the water and into the boat. you can bet this is 10 foot long, 1100 pound catch that sentcrew members scrambling. the shark didn't want to leave. a fishing boat had to come by and use the crane to get the shark out of the boat and get this it was not over. a hour later they found the shark beached on a small area of the harbor. they used ropes from the boats to tow the great white back into the deeper cooler waters. finally, about a half mile outside the harbor, the shark regained strength and swam away. you may not want to do this today, but it seems baltimore is one of the more walkable cities in the u.s. charm city comes in at number 14 on the list of the top 50 cities. the most walkable neighborhood
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federal hill and new york tops the walk score followed closely by san francisco and boston and chicago and philidelphia. jacksonville, florida is the least walkable city especially in july. coming, the big day for opponents of the don't ask, don't tell policy. what's happening on capitol hill that has many of them cheering. >> reporter: when police are in the building being you expect them to do their job. i am linda so. why one baltimore city cop is accused of abusing his power. [ dog barking ] mom!
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welcome back on this friday morning. we expect our police officers to protect us and trust us and we trust them to do the right thing. today inia baltimore city cop will be in court on the wrong side of the law. linda so is live at police head quarters to explain exactly what's going on. linda. >> reporter: yeah, earlier this week, we learned about that city cop accused of dealing drugs on the job. today we will find out if he will get to leave jail before the trial. officers daniel redd is accused of operating a heroin ring. he's been indicted on 7 drug
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related charges. court documents showed he acted as drug ring leader getting the heroin from a supplier in africa. investigators say he was in police uniform armed with a handgun while conducting a suspected transaction at work. the 41-year-old police officer was stationed out of the northwest district who was a patrol officer there. if convicted, cospend life in prison. again, we will find out if he will get to leave jail before the trial. he is scheduled for the bond hearing later today. live at city police head quart e. lind -- headquarters, linda so, abc2 news. police are investigating what led to the shooting death of an 18-year-old stand out student. he was found shot to death at a brooklyn holmes housing project yesterday. authorities are investigating a report that marcus and a friend were mishandling a gun before it went off. he impressed numerous scouts and coaches and teammates with athletic ability in basketball. he was supposed to head to orlando to take part in a tournament with his aau team.
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a cecil county sheriff office charged a 16-year-old as an adult in a carjacking. greg wallace was arrested and police say the victim was driving on cameron road when group of men blocked that road. one of them allegedly poled gun and stole money. wallace is charged with carjacking, robbery assault and other offenses. police continue to look for two other suspects. baltimore prosecutors say they had to pursue a third trial for two illegal immigrants from mexico accused in the 2004 deaths of three young relatives. they are serving life sentences in the slayings. they subsuccessfully appealed convictions argue the judge failed to disclose jury notes that ended in a hung jury. the state failed to prove the error didn't influence the overall verdict. get ready for a great night at the maryland spca.
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they are holding the wine and wag happy hour from 5:30 to 7:30. the event includes paw painting bobbing for hot dogs and fun runs and touring of the -- tours of the new adoption center. tickets run $10 in advance and $15 at the door. and you can get more information by going to org. -- ken kamenetz will announce the redesigned site with census information, zoning information and school districts and tax maps among other things all in just one click. he will launch the tool this morning at 11:30. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> watching yesterday's high temperatures that hit triple digits in central maryland. 100 officially at bwi.
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not a record, but we will be challenging a record today. 100 towards detroit and 103 in st. louis. on this date, the 22nd of july, we should be down to 66 and baltimore challenging a record low on the high end at 81 or 82 degrees. that's where it sat during the5:00 hour. a normal high of 88 but records of 101 set in 1957. looks like that may very well be approached and surpassed. sun up at 5:58 and down at 8:28. it will do damage today as the overused term of the week, heat dome is in play. the high pressure that's in control sliding to the east and shifted a lot of the heat off towards the east coast. and the winds around it, you can see the periphery with clouds and ring of fire with showers and storms on the northern end. and they may dive down through pennsylvania and some indications by our in-house computer model there may be some strong thunderstorms that do try to fire up. but the heat dome is really the
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dominant feature on the weather map. let's go close to home and show you what the computer model shows us and it flares up thunderstorms during the mid afternoon hours. all it does take is a little influence off the chesapeake bay versus the westerly wind and enough lift to break the cap in our atmosphere. high pressure is sinking air and that prevents storms from blowing up and developing. but we get enough lift to overtake that. there's enough water that can produce locally heavy and torrential downpours. if you are lucky, to get brief relief, but it's going to be brief. we will stay with the heat and humidity overnight. huginess and yes more heat and humidity tomorrow where the better chance of a line of storms are trying to blow through as we wear down and tear down the heatwave for us. a little bit, not so much but better next week. 102 is the two degree guarantee with the heat index 115 to 120. absolutely dangerous to be outside with the excessive heat warning. 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. the 102 would break the old record of 101 set in 1957.
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isolated afternoon evening and overnight thunderstorms. we are back to around 80 downtown and looking for temperatures tomorrow. 99 to near 100. 95 on sunday and looking for scattered showers and storms near 90 to cool down by tuesday. >> reporter: if you are commuting from the baltimore beltway to the capital beltway, no accidents in your way. let's look at outside and see how things are going as peet people get up and get out. 95 north of 195 no problems to report. heading out to bwi all lanes are open. we are doing fine between the beltways and we are doing fine at fort mchenry tunnel and at the harbor tunnel. no incidents to report on the key bridge. back to you. >> thanks a lot. coming up, a bill to cover education costs for illegal immigrants seems to be headed for a ballot. today, opponents of the bill will fine out if they have enough signatures to put themeasure to a vote. and if you can't make it to
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austin city limits, you can avoid the heat and crowds and watch the concerts in the comfort of your home dressed however you like. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30. a live look at baltimore's inner harbor.
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five things to know today governor martin o'malley will talk about plans to push same sex marriage in maryland. same sex marriage legislation passed in maryland senate this year but didn't pass in the house of delegates. and another step for gay rights. an announcement expected to repeal don't ask, don't tell. pentagon officials say leon pinetta will certify gays and lesbians may openly serve in the armed services openly. this comes about two weeks after top military leaders agreed repealing the ban will not hurt our military readiness. the faa conforced to shut down if congress doesn't extend operating authority by midnight friday. the ticket for the plane may get cheaper and transportation secretary ray lahood says that would cost the government about 200 million dollars a week in
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uncollected airline ticket taxes. if 4,000 faa workers get furloughed, the government would have to stop collecting taxes on the tickets. air traffic controllers would not be affected. the maryland state board election is skied yowled -- scheduled to certify instate tuition for illegal immigrants and may have enough signatures a put the vote on the ballot. it would allow immigrants to pay in-state tuition if they complete three years of high school and can show that their parents filed state income tax returns. youtube will begin live streaming lalapalooza in a push to bring music festivals live to the digital screen. youtube ran screened festivals from tennessee and san francisco. scorching temperatures across the area has bent big story all -- been the big story all week. the funny way some businesses are using the heat to now draw in customers. plus, the debt talks
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underway in washington. what both side are agreeing upon and what they may be doing to meet the looming deadline. and president obama is forking out cash. how the president got fined in london and why it was all due to "the beef." you watching "good morning maryland" first and 4:30. back for the second hour in a bit. when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast,
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it's quick, easy and something everyone can agree on. ♪ nutella. breakfast never tasted this good. you are watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." police made the arrest in the shooting of a silty cop. the disturbing details surrounding the suspect. the club approved an agreement negotiate with the players. -- agreement negotiated with the players. >> what has to happen before the season kicks off and ravens take the field. ice

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